International Art Auction

June 13, 2017

LOT 47
Antoine Poncet (1928- )
  • Antoine Poncet (1928- )
  • Antoine Poncet (1928- )
  • Antoine Poncet (1928- )
  • Antoine Poncet (1928- )
  • Antoine Poncet (1928- )
  • Antoine Poncet (1928- )


Antoine Poncet (1928- ), Swiss


Polished bronze; signed “A. Poncet”, numbered 1/6 and stamped with the foundry mark: “Fonderia Tesconi Pietra Santa” at the base. Raised and pivoting on a black granite cylindrical base.
Bronze/Height Mounted 49" x 34" x 30" — 124.5 x 86.4 x 76.2 cm.; 61" — 154.9 cm.

Estimate $12,000-$18,000

Realised: $36,000
Price Includes Buyer's Premium ?

About artist/note:

The sculptor Antoine Poncet grew up in a family of artists. He was the son of the painter and glassmaker Marcel Poncet and the grandson of the great Nabi artist Maurice Denis.

“La Flamboyante” in its abstract form with smooth, curved surfaces interrupted by sharp edges and pivoting on its stone base, offers the viewer a multitude of points of view where the shape and light effects cast on its highly polished surface avoids the monotony of the fixed object. Inspired by nature, Poncet evokes how in nature, a flower head opens.

This work is a reduction of the original bronze “La Flamboyante” (1979/1980 execution of the mold) that stands in the Place des Bergues, City of Geneva, measuring 95” x 70” x 68” (cast in 1982).


Prominent Collection, Toronto