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Perfect Vision 20/20 : Looking Forward 2021

February 20 - 28, 2021

The Border Crossings Auction in Partnership with Waddington’s.

Over 70 artists are represented in this mid-winter auction in support of Border Crossings Magazine.

Artists from across Canada join the large number of artists who make work in the real/mythical art city of Winnipeg. Included are Wanda Koop, Eleanor Bond, Sarah Anne Johnson, Andrew Valko, Paul Butler, Simon Hughes, Guy Maddin, William Eakin, Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber, Aganetha Dyck, Paul Robles and Micah Lexier. The full list of artist participants will be posted in the new year.

Kenneth Lavallee, Night Vision, 2019, Paper maquette, prism, 14 x 20”

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