The Reference Library of Jonny’s Antiques – Part I Online Auction

April 28, 2016

LOT 49
Lamps and Lighting (17 volumes)
  • Lamps and Lighting (17 volumes)


Lamps and Lighting (17 volumes)

Grant, Joanne, The Painted Lamps of Handel
St. Aubin, Louis, Pairpoint Lamps A Collector’s Guide
Wells, Stanley, Period Lighting
Russell, Loris, A Heritage of Light
Thwing, Leroy, Old Lamps of Central Europe and Other Lighting Devices
Caspall, John, Fire & Light in the Home pre-1820
Country House Lighting 1660-1890
Thuro, Catherine Oil Lamps II Glass Kerosene Lamps
Thuro, Catherine, Oil Lamps 3 Victorian Kerosene Lighting 1860-1900
Smith, Frank & Ruth, Miniature Lamps
Delmore, Mrs. Edward, Victorian Miniature Oil Lamps
MacSwiggan, Amelia E., Fairy Lamps Evening’s Glow of Yesteryear
Ruf, Bob & Pat, Fairy Lamps Elegance in Candle Lighting
Samuel Clarke’s Fairy Lamps (catalogue reprint)
Maril, Nadja, American Lighting 1840-1940
Bacot, H. Parrott, Nineteenth Century Lighting Candle-powered Devices 1783-1883
Myers, Denys Peter, Picture Book of Authentic Mid-Victorian Gas Lighting Fixtures, A Reprint of the Historic Mitchell, Vance & Co. catalog, ca.1876

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