The Reference Library of Jonny’s Antiques – Part III – Online Auction

June 30, 2016

LOT 17
Derby (11 volumes)
  • Derby (11 volumes)


Derby (11 volumes)

Bradshaw, Peter, Derby Porcelain Figures 1750-1848
Barrett, Franklin & Thorpe, Arthur, Derby Porcelain
Twitchett, John, Derby Porcelain
Rice, Dennis, Derby Porcelain The Golden Years 1750-1770
Gilhespy, F. Brayshaw, Crown Derby Porcelain, signed
Gilhespy, F. Brayshaw, Derby Porcelain
Bradley, Gilbert, Derby Porcelain 1750-1798
Twitchett, John & Bailey, Betty, Royal Crown Derby
Murdoch, John & Twitchett, John, Painters and the Derby China Works
Bradley, H.G., Ceramics of Derbyshire 1750-1975
together with a catalogue

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Realised: $360
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