The Reference Library of Jonny’s Antiques – Part III – Online Auction

June 30, 2016

Pottery and Porcelain (12 volumes)
  • Pottery and Porcelain (12 volumes)


Pottery and Porcelain (12 volumes)

Kingery, W. David & Vandiver, Pamela, Ceramic Masterpieces
Boger, Louise Ade, The Dictionary of World Pottery and Porcelain
Divis, Jan, European Porcelain
Scott, Cleo & G. Ryland, Antique Porcelain Digest
Atterbury, Paul, The History of Porcelain
Tait, Hugh, Porcelain
Fisher, Stanley, Fine Porcelain & Pottery
Manners, Errol, Ceramics Source Book, signed
Morley-Fletcher, Hugo, Techniques of the World’s Great Masters of Pottery and Ceramics
Coutts, Howard, The Art of Ceramics European Ceramic Design 1500-1800
Charleston, Robert, World Ceramics
Honey, William Bowyer, European Ceramic Art from the end of the Middle Ages to about 1815

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