The Reference Library of Jonny’s Antiques – Part III – Online Auction

June 30, 2016

LOT 44
American Furniture (19 volumes)
  • American Furniture (19 volumes)


American Furniture (19 volumes)

Bjerkoe, Ethel Hall, The Cabinetmakers of America
Comstock, Helen, American Furniture
Montgomery, Charles, American Furniture The Federal Period
Kirk, John, Early American Furniture
Downs, Joseph, American Furniture Queen Anne and Chippendale Periods
Fales, Dean, American Painted Furniture 1660-1880
Kovel, Ralph & Terry, American Country Furniture 1780-1875
Dubrow, Eileen & Richard, American Furniture of the 19th Century 1840-1880
Fairbanks, Jonathan & Bates, Elizabeth Bidwell, American Furniture 1620 to the Present, signed
Howe, Katherine et al, Herter Brothers Furniture and Interiors for a Gilded Age
Heckscher, Morrison & Bowman, Leslie Greene, American Rococo 1750-1775: Elegance in Ornament
Quimby, Ian, American Furniture and Its Makers
Nutting, Wallace, Furniture Treasury
Kettel, Russell Hawes, The Pine Furniture of Early New England
Sack, Albert, Fine Points of Furniture Early American
Kaye, Myrna, Fake, Fraud or Genuine Identifying American Antique Furniture
Beck, Doreen, Book of American Furniture
Atlanta Historical Society, Neat Pieces the Plain-Style Furniture of 19th Century Georgia
Koomler, Sharon Duane, Shaker Style Form, Function and Furniture

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