The Reference Library of Jonny’s Antiques – Part III – Online Auction

June 30, 2016

Glass (13 volumes)
  • Glass (13 volumes)


Glass (13 volumes)

Polak, Ada, Glass Its Tradition and its Makers
Wilkison, R., The Hallmarks of Antique Glass
Mariarcher, Giovanni, Glass from Antiquity to the Renaissance
Klein, Dan & Lloyd, Ward, The History of Glass
Davis, Frank, Antique Glass and Glass Collecting
Edwards, Geoffrey, Art of Glass
Mehlman, Felice, Phaidon Guide to Glass
Mehlman, Felice, The Illustrated Guide to Glass
Wills, Geoffrey, Antique Glass for Pleasure and Investment
Burton, John, Glass Hand-Blown Sculptured Colored Philosophy & Method
Newman, Harold, An Illustrated Dictionary of Glass
Battie, David & Cottle, Simon, Sotheby’s Concise Encyclopedia of Glass
Phillips, Phoebe, The Encyclopedia of Glass

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